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Provision of Cambodia Micro Statistics Database

RCISSS , Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University is developing and expanding data archives for the better use of government statistics micro data, under the Humanities and Social Sciences Data Infrastructure Development project.
As part of the project, we provide supports for applications to use the micro datasets by the Cambodian government and provide the site to use individual data (Kunitachi Campus Joint Research Laboratory 1 ).

Available Micro Data by the Cambodian Government

If you apply for use of the data and obtain the approval of the Cambodian government, you may use the following data.
For the outline of each survey, please see the Cambodia NIS website as below.

Survey name Year Code table (*) Number of samples, etc.
Cambodia Socio-Economic Survey
2004 Excel Approx.12,000 households
2007 Excel Approx.3,600 households
2009 Excel Approx.12,000 households
2010 Excel Approx.3,600 households
2012 Excel Approx.3,800 households
2013 Excel Approx.3,800 households
2014 Excel Approx.12,000 households
2015 Excel Approx.3,800 households
2016 Excel Approx.3,800 households
2017 Excel Approx.3,800 households
National Census of Agriculture in Cambodia (NCAC) 2013 Excel Approx.1,900,000 households
Cambodia Inter Censal Population Survey (CIPS) 2013 Excel Approx.28,700 households
Cambodia Inter Censal Establishment Survey (CIES) 2014 Excel Approx.12,000 companies
General Population Census (GPC) 2008 Excel Approx.2,842,000 households
Economic Census of Cambodia (ECC) 2011 Excel Approx.505,000 companies
Nation-Wide Establishment Listing (NWEL) 2009 Excel Approx.377,000 companies

(*) These codebooks are not officially prepared by the Cambodian government. They were prepared by Hitotsubashi University.

Application for Use

For the use of the data, RCISSS, Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University will serve as the contact point providing information regarding the necessary procedures for application and places to use.

Documents needed for application will be updated when they become available.

Documents required for application

・Application form for micro data by the Cambodian government Application Form.docx
  (Application will be made with the contents of the above-mentioned application form, so please fill out the form in English.)

Note: Micro Data Analysis Section supports applications for use at the following locations. Please select “Onsite” for the “Place to Use” column of the application form.
Please select “Onsite” for the “Place to Use” column of the application form.

Place to Use

As a general rule, you are required to use the data in the onsite facility at the Library, Joint Research Laboratory 1 of the Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University, where external networks are blocked.

Provision of Research Results

We kindly ask you to provide the Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University with the research results that you have published along with research result reports.
If you provide us with papers in English, we will send them to NIS of Cambodia.

Papers, Presentations, Etc. Related to Cambodian Government Statistics

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"Provision of the Cambodian Micro Statistics Database and Analysis Using the Data"
Japan Society of Economic Statistics 63rd National Research Convention
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