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Onsite Usage

Based on Article 33 and Article 32-2, questionnaire information and derived datasets are available at the onsite facility in Hitotsubashi University Kodaira International Campus where information is secured.

For details of onsite usage of dataset, please see the micro data usage portal website.

Requirements to Use the Facility

Security requirements of the facility, other requirements set forth by laws and regulations, etc.

● Those who do not have an ID issued by the onsite usage facility cannot use the service.

● Users are not allowed to bring in recording devices such as personal computers, cameras, or voice recorders, or telecommunication equipment such as wireless LAN terminals and mobile phones

● Article 59, Paragraph 2 of the Statistics Act stipulates application of penal provisions where those who are provided with questionnaire information provide or fraudulently use such questionnaire information and derived datasets for the benefit of themselves or a third party. Those who violate the provisions will be punished.


Terms of use of the facility

● For terms of use other than the above-mentioned requirements, please contact the reception desk.


When provision of data to a person is refused due to violation of the terms of usage, or of laws or regulations, or contracts under Production of Statistics, etc. under Article 34 of the Act or under Provision of Anonymized Data by Entrustment under Article 36 of the Act, in addition to any punishment for violation of laws or regulations, the person is prohibited from using all the onsite data use facilities for the same period.

There may be occasions when the facility is not available due to unavoidable circumstances.


Map and Address of the Facility

Name of the facility


Project 1 room at the Center for International Joint Research (CIJR)


1-29-1 Gakuen Nishimachi, Kodaira City, Tokyo

(Transfer to the Seibu Tamako Line at Kokubunji Station on the JR Chuo Line, get off at Hitotsubashi Gakuen Station, seven-minute walk from there)


RCISSS, Institute of Economic Research, Hitotsubashi University
Micro Data Analysis Section
(2-1 Naka, Kunitachi City, Tokyo)


Questionnaire Information of Statistical Surveys Available at the Facility

Please see the micro data usage portal website for available statistical surveys. To use questionnaire information and derived datasets, users must obtain the approval of the National Statistics Center. Please contact the National Statistics Center reception desk regarding the required procedures.

How to Use the Facility

● In order to use the facility, the identity of the user has to be verified. Please go through the procedures to use the facility at reception .

● Identity verification documents (copied at the reception desk) are kept until the termination of the questionnaire information usage period based on Article 33 or 33-2 of the Statistics Act.

● Information such as names and contact information of facility users are registered in the user management database.

● The interior of the facility is monitored by security cameras. The footage from these cameras is kept for a certain period.